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2 min readMar 8, 2022


As part of the BIMTECH Business Literature Festival 2022, a masterclass on blogging was organized on 4th February. The masterclass was conducted by President & Co-Founder of Bloggers Alliance, Dr Amit Nagpal. Gaurav Kalra, student of BIMTECH introduced Dr Amit Nagpal to the audience.

Dr Amit Nagpal began the masterclass by sharing “How he wrote 4 books without writing any book”. His first book was extracted from his PhD thesis while his second and third books were compilation of his blogs, which were updated with latest concepts and data at the time of book publishing. His latest book “Heroes Amongst Us” is a co-creation of stories of 32 inspirational people from 5 countries. 32 people were interviewed and the transcripts were then converted into stories.

He shared 14 best practices for blogging which included:-

a) Headlines which create curiosity òr use numbers (7 tips) catch attention.

b) Use idioms, proverbs, quotes and jokes to make it interesting.

c) Beginning and ending can be made more powerful using points b) and c).

d) Relevant personal experiences, incidents and anecdotes may be added.

e) Though blogs are based on opinions, but validating them through data or caselets increases credibility.

f) Be open minded in inviting alternate views from your audience (towards the end).

Google may be used for research but always express the ideas in your own words to avoid copyright issues. Images, Infographics and quotes should always mention source & author. He added, “On a lighter note, God helps those who help themselves, but Google helps everyone”.

He shared a powerful technique of making your content unique; discuss interdisciplinary areas such as Financial marketing, RetailTech, BioInformatics etc. As they are new and emerging areas, the content is limited. Also technology related areas are very dynamic in nature and new content is need as new concepts and technologies come into the market.

He concluded the session by announcing the winners of Blog Your Way contest and congratulated each of them personally. All the 3 winners were present in the session and introduced themselves to the 60 + participants.



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